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Welcome to Premium Insurance Brokers, a Member Broker of Insurance Advisernet NZ.

At PIB we believe all good relationships are built on Trust, from the moment we meet you we want to hear about you, your business, what makes your business tick, your worries & your risk exposures. We authentically care for your business, with a quarter of a century of insurance experience we know all the right levers to pull to endeavour to achieve the best results for you. Unlike others in our field, we don’t view you as our client, we view ourselves as part of your team. We become your businesses insurance department without the overheads. We make it easy for you. The last thing you need running a business is worrying about the insurance industry & outcomes, that’s where we step in and aim to take your pain away!

Our Principal

Morgan Robertson

Bringing 25 years’ experience to this business, Morgan believes success is measured by the ability to build strong relationships with clients, gain trust and provide them with unparalleled service. “Trust is the foundation of any successful business relationship, and without it, you’re simply a temporary caretaker”, he says.

“My vision is to help clients navigate and understand insurance, their risks, and make sure they comprehend and understand their risk programme,” he says.

Being good at what we do, responsiveness and thorough claims service from lodgment to completion.

FSP: FSP472030

Our Commitment to You

We appreciate whilst you do have options when it comes to insuring your business at PIB we never take loyalty for granted and ensure to do everything in our ethos to earn, maintain and continue to build on any trusted relationships.

As your appointed Insurance Advisers, PIB commits to:

Conduct an analysis of your risk/needs and recommend the most appropriate covers to protect your assets and liabilities.

Recommend insurers who match your individual risk profile.
Only recommend financially secure and stable insurers.
Provide alternatives on your risk retention through various excess options and access to premium funding options to allow you to pay your premiums via instalments to free up valuable working capital.
Provide prompt and timely servicing of your general insurance needs to ensure you are adequately informed of issues that may affect your business.
Provide insurance sector updates so you have visual around the corner and avoid nasty surprises

Products & Services



Covering loss or damage to property, contents & stock physically harmed or destroyed by external means. Coverage available for key revenue producing machinery for breakdown loss. Business Interruption coverage for loss of profits / revenues, loss of rentals received, closure of public access / routes and damage to supplier’s operations (sub-limits may apply).


Covering Public Liability, Statutory & Employers Liability, Crime / Fidelity, Employment Disputes, Associations / Trustees liability. Liability insurances help cover reparations (excluding Fines for Health & Safety breaches) and legal fees if you’re held legally responsible or alleged to have caused where otherwise not excluded someone else’s injury, or unintentional damages to someone else’s property or person. Employee theft, fraud and employment disputes.


Coverage intention is for financial loss to a third party caused or alleged by any errors or omissions in your professional services rendered. The insurance includes the defense costs & compensations you are legally responsible for.


Description: Directors & Officers of an entity can encounter many exposures in performance of duty including that of personally to them. Alleged or actual breaches of information disclosure requirements, failure of due care & wrongful acts. Insured coverage includes settlements and defense costs.


Business is faced with the ever- sophisticated ongoing exposures to malware, phishing, phreaking, ransomware, social engineering, virus and spyware. Cyber insurance provides technical / legal assistance and claims costs associated with an insured cyber event. This can include business interruption costs for loss of revenues and restoration of data.


Covering you for loss or damage to your vehicle(s) including third party liability. Insurance can include loss of use benefit for hire replacement charges whilst your vehicle(s) are off road being repaired.


Covering you for loss or damage to your home & contents for theft, burglary, fire, storm, flood, earthquake & accidental damage or loss.


You need Contract Works Insurance in place before a peg is put into the ground. Many things can go wrong where building works are involved, whether that be at excavation or even completion stage of any project. This insurance is designed specially to provide cover against any physical damage as well as loss of building materials, fire, and malicious damage.


Covering importation, exportation & local transit of goods & property. Including ocean marine loss that occurs through a voluntary sacrifice of part of a vessel or cargo to safeguard the vessel or cargo from a common peril to which you by default as a party to the voyage may be held partly financially culpable.

Do you need more information? Call us on 027 541 8204 or email us.



At PIB, we believe the true test of the relationship with your Insurance Broker is when you need to make claim.

Claims Process

Making a claim can be a daunting task, especially as it typically occurs at an already difficult time. With this in mind we see it as one of the most important times in our relationship with you. We’ll do everything we can to make the process and smooth and easy as possible.

This includes:

Providing you with your Insurer’s Claim Form

Arranging for the Loss Assessor to be appointed if necessary

Advising on the completion of the Claim Form

Submitting the Claim Form to the Insurer
Providing advice to ensure you have received your full entitlements

Steps to lodging a claim:

Step 1. Contact us so we can discuss what has happened and carefully review the event/s against your insurance cover.

Step 2. We’ll send you the relevant claim form/s and outline any other documentation your Insurer is likely to require.

Step 3. Fill out your claim form in as much detail as you can. (Remember, if you have any questions we’re always here to help!)

Step 4. Post or email your completed claim back to us so we can check everything and then forward it to the Insurer on your behalf.

Local Understanding. National Strength.

PIB Premium Insurance Brokers Limited are proud to be a Member Broker of Insurance Advisernet New Zealand, a network of more than 300 advisers across New Zealand and Australia. Insurance Advisernet is a principal member of the Insurance Brokers Association of New Zealand Inc. and the largest member of the publicly listed AUB Group – one of the leading general broking groups in Australasia with over 450,000 clients. This relationship gives us access to unrivalled financial strength, business efficiencies and buying power that spans every major insurer in New Zealand and Australia, even access to major overseas insurers when required.

Strength Under The Insurance Advisernet Banner

PIB Premium Insurance Brokers Limited are a Member Broker of Insurance Advisernet New Zealand Ltd. Founded in 1996, Insurance Advisernet operates in both New Zealand and Australia, delivering strength that allows PIB the benefit of maintaining its local presence whilst also being part of a national group for the products and services needed by our customers in today’s increasingly complex business world.

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